Follow the sun.

I follow the sun.

Journeys that have felt lifetimes long have brought me to the place I am now. Lifetimes and light-years are nothing in the grand scheme of the Infinite, but here I am now, experiencing myself in Ecuador where the Equator and centre of the Earth is located, writing this message for the glimpse of an eye to understand their slightest perceptions of the journeys my being has been through. Life journeys following the Sun. I am vitality in the present moment. “I” am alive. I am the silence that is an endless ocean; as bodies are washed clean in fresh rich waters, the life veins of our soul running deep into the Earth’s grounding energy; our Mother draws us and guides us to feel the richness and balance that is existence connected to the Sun, and that is who I am.

I am writing this short explanation of why I am in Ecuador with my respect to the Siekopai people, a rainbow/ multi-coloured tribe of Indigenous people who I connected with and feel such a relationship with that it’s beyond “me”. It’s a truly aligned cosmic meeting of different people of the lands reconnecting for the greater purposes of our lives.

The Siekopai live in the Lower region of the Cuyabeno ecological reserve: a truly beautiful part of the Amazonian rainforest jungle, threatened by the industrial development, but still teeming with some of the most bio-diverse habitats of life on this planet. I was blessed to experience life with these people and all of the beings for 6 days that felt like lifetimes, following the sunlight.

In recognition of those who are living in harmony with our Mother Earth, such as the Siekopai, protecting the sacred ways so we can all reconnect and relearn the ways, I give reverence and my immense gratitude, and promise to help as we awaken our world to our commonality and unity.

Liebster Award



Well, I have some news for YOU! I was asked to answer some blogging questions by my Bae (, for this “Liebster Award” I was nominated for, and so my blog is once again being revived. This blog has been on the back burner as of late, and as the perception of time passes and my whole world shifts and changes, my blog was forgotten and lost to the abyss, however, I am re-inspired and honoured to resurrect “Peter W. Chadwick”. So now let’s answer some questions!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

It was really just simply a desire to create again. It was a desire to create stories and let my thoughts be heard, and as well, it was a new medium to explore, which the cat in me was curious about. I owe a lot of the inspiration to Bae, and to other friend’s who were writing thought-provoking and inspiring pieces that spoke to me and drew me in.

2. If you knew you had one last day here in the physical world, what would you do?

I try to live my existence in this physical world more or less to this motto everyday regardless of whether I know it, and, the thing is I’m pretty much over dying, and leaving the physical world, as I’ve realized I am no longer a physical body but an eternal soul and it just doesn’t serve me to fret about death or leaving the physical world. I would do what I try to do everyday, do what serves and makes me happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else in their own paths and rejoice in Love! Probably go wing suit flying too… I’ve always wanted to do that.

3. What is your biggest goal or dream and why?

My biggest goal is be totally happy. Totally in Love. The dreams that in my mind accompany this happiness I feel in my heart include running a yoga school or teaching yoga, having free growing fruit and vegetables abound, travelling the world, living in sunshine and fresh waters, and helping others be free. Why is this my biggest dream? Because it is as Jean-Paul Sartre said, “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to him to give it meaning”, and so freedom is the goal.

4. Why do you travel? 

I travel, and am currently travelling in Ecuador, because I follow my heart and I believe in things far greater than the everyday basis of the frenetic and “essentially meaningless modern lifestyle of the mainstream”, which I find to be very beneficial for spiritual growth and so travel provides me the opportunity for much learning and growth through new experiences, facing my fears, and opening my mind to new connections. A better question is what am I going to do when I return from travelling? Or, is there no real return, and am I always a traveller? Those I have yet to figure out.

5. If money was non-existent what would you do?

Money doesn’t really exist. We made it up, and for the most part we’re chasing some illusion that is draining us and killing our Earth. If money was not a factor in me manifesting goals, I would do my best to spread consciousness and make people happy by making them realize they already are happy and that money doesn’t exist and won’t buy them happiness! I feel it just serves to make us responsible, but it’s kind of turned on itself and for the most part is making those with the most money more irresponsible and more greedy. So maybe let’s get rid of it and stop pretending it exists.

6. What do you stand for?

Oh jeez. I stand for Mother Earth first and foremost, and all her children– the well-being of all beings! I stand for peace. Let me be an instrument of Thy Peace.

7. What is one of our passions you hold close to your heart?

I have a passion for singing actually that I’ve recently been realizing more and more. I also have a great passion for Kundalini Yoga, I find it to be soo beneficial and effective for serving the circulation and breathing habits of the body, really a purifying and uplifting practice. I also have a great passion for canoeing! So many things but these are my top three ATM.

8. Any advice for newbie bloggers?

Well that’s kind of ironic because I’m a super newbie blogger myself, but so far from what I’ve been aware of it’s the same as any form of expression, just blog from your heart and who cares if you make it big or not, at least you were happy and free doing it! But to make it big I think you need to do it A LOT and REALLY love it!

9. What is your favourite life quote?

“I am”.

10. What is the funniest lesson you’ve learned in life?

The funniest lesson I’ve learned in life is to stop trying! To simply let it be, and be aware that this is all a game! We’ll figure it out. Or maybe we won’t, but let’s at least have fun!
Thanks for reading! This was a good little questionaire to get me back into it and I’m looking forward to blogging more now and connecting with new and veteran bloggers. Let’s make this fun!

Conscious Consumption: Food is my medicine.

What does food mean to you? What has your relationship with food been like? Over the span of my life, at least as long as I can remember, my experience consuming food has always been so indescribably bizarre and complex, at times I really have had some of my deepest thoughts and feelings in life whilst in utter delight consuming some delicious dish, or when feeling incredibly sick from something clearly very toxic. I see the consciousness growing everywhere, and with our food it is like seeds of love sprouting under the divine light.


Truth is spreading so fast that I am confident it will be very soon that the lies we have been fed about what is healthy for our bodies and our spirits will crumble like the empty calories they are. Food will be our medicine. The land will be our medicine. At a micro level, we’re gaining such an immaculate understanding of what the nutrients are doing at a cellular level when we are putting them into our bodies. When viewed at a macro level, we are becoming so much more aware of everything about the food and health industry, such as GMOs, what is natural, diets, etc., what is good for our Mother Earth. By looking with holistic perspectives on the matters, it is so plainly obvious to see how our health is all tied to what food we eat, and we really should have no doubt in our mind that everything is related, and we are what we eat. Now before I get to deep into this, I will say that I have been told our greatest food is the people we surround ourselves with, because we consume their energy– so be conscious and contemplate that. Anyways, back to physical food..


It has been always known that we are connected in a deeply spiritual way to that which we eat, but it was just forgotten by many sick people for so long. The Inuit shaman Aua let it be known when he said “The greatest peril of life lies in the fact that human food consists entirely of souls. All the creatures that we have to kill to eat and to make clothes have souls that do not perish with the body, They must, therefore, be propitiated lest they should revenge themselves on us for taking away their bodies.” as translated by a researcher back in 1922. It seems so ironic that Indigenous people everywhere always knew this, and the non-Indigenous settler’s had to RE-search this knowledge because it had been so long forgotten, yet they perceived the Indigenous to be “savage” or what have you when they questioned the shaman’s knowledge.

So yes, food is entirely spiritual, and if you don’t pay great respect to what you put in your sacred body, your temple, you will suffer and be sick. Now that we know the causes of so many of the sickness in our societies, it is up to us to change our ways and eat the things our bodies are supposed to. If we want to be well, we need to practice whatever spirituality we abide by when we eat. We also need to listen to the Indigenous knowledge and protect the land. Take only what we need and give back. Fasting is also extremely important as well in strengthening our bodies and our spiritual connection to our food. Lastly, I want to suggest that growing our own food and food sovereignty through returning to the land will be how we heal and end our dependence on the large-scale industrial farming practices that are destroying our lands. Thanks for reading this brief post about some reflections on what it means to consciously

Bon Appetite and may you enjoy good food and good health!

Taking flight: Adventuring to new heights.

06/26/2017  ▪️ 23:00 UTC



I am aware that there are endless experiences in life that you can get lifted up by, you can gain insights from, and that become embedded deep into your memory–granted you take the time to reflect on them. This post is a short story based off the reflections of a recent adventure that was all these things to me, and more. 

The first time I became “the eyes” of a small plane, I realized that it was an opportunity that I was meant to have and that it was causing a slight shift in my perspectives on life in a very good way. I find it’s often the slight shifts in my thoughts, like winds of change, that inspire me to become more awed and grateful, and more aware of where I want to go in life. My shift of thought this time came most simply from the wonder I experienced looking out from the plane, way up in the heavens above the beautiful earth, and remarking in awe on everything’s relative size. It led to me embracing the feeling of flying above and beyond all that I had surrounded myself in The Pas over the past few months, which I had thought was limiting, but was proven that it is just a small speck, or really, nothing at all. This in turn made an impression on what I believed to be achievable, and made me realize I’m not stuck in one place as much as I thought I was. The flight and feeling of flying itself was dream-like. 

From a bird’s eye view I cast my vision over the vast wilderness below, soaring through the sky, and feeling free. Settling into a smooth glide, I fine-tuned my eyes, making details of the water and trees, and letting the new heights and sights expand my mind. I was the “spotter”, which means I was to spot the target and direct the plane towards it. Searching for little things in such big scopes didn’t  feel natural to me, maybe hinting that something I seemed to be akin to doing was looking at the bigger picture. But I got the hang of it and I saw what I was looking for. I fixated on the prize, and soon made my direction and my sight align–something I aim to master in life and have a long ways and lots of practice to go yet. Mission successful, we returned to land and I felt jolted back to reality, but my eyes didn’t forget what they saw and what I had learned. I then reflected.

This flight meant a lot to me, such as; an endeavour to see things differently, to chase dreams in the present moment, to fly more in this life of mine, and of course as well, to become trained in the case of responding to a search or rescue operation, but at the end of the day it was also just one flight. It made me think of eagles that take to the skies all their life and who are masters of flight equipped with impeccable sight, and how wise they must be of this earth’s interrelated ties. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to dream higher, and this is just the beginning of my flying adventures. Thank you relatives for reading, I wish each and everyone of you see the earth’s beauty and find ways to love our planet in good and new ways. May the winds give you guidance, and may you take the time to reflect on your blessings. 

P.S. Further info for those interested in C.A.S.A.R.A. 

The Physical Direction in fully loving oneself.

“Life is a dance”

I’ve felt inspired to write down my thoughts again recently, and so here it is; a collection of some of Peter’s finest messy thoughts! I am a firm believer of faith in that which connects us all, and I will directly connect my beliefs of the higher power and spiritualities into my topics of this piece–and quite honestly, likely most of my pieces–so all I ask for from you is that you keep an open mind.

This piece I am writing tonight is a collection of some of my thoughts on “physical health”, a matter which has shaped my life significantly and which I am continuously trying to become more in-tune with. I dedicate this brief piece, and my total solidarity, to all spirits who struggle with their own physical well-being, and especially body image, because I know how tough that can be. I want everyone to remember you’re all loved equally, beautiful in your own ways and we’re all at different stages in our own journeys. If you ever feel you want to connect, please reach out to me and I’m always here for anything and I love to make new connections! My spirit is most free in this life when my mind is peaceful and my body is healthy–creating positive vibes aplenty, which I in turn seek to share.

So what is the “physical direction”? Well obviously physics is the study of movement and to be physical is to move, and in turn to move is to live, just as to be fully still is to be dead. Thus, I suppose the physical direction in our lives is fundamentally about movement and how we transfer energy via work, in a very scientific/logical/factual/rational/black and white kind of way, but that’s boringgg and humans are hardly, if ever, rational and I find there to be so much more to the picture on how we all embrace movement in our lives. So, as we delve into my picture, I’ll have you know I am not “religious” per se as I find Truth in all forms of religious and cultural teachings, but I am tying spirituality and spiritual concepts into my beliefs of physical health because, well, why the heck not? I AM a living witness of God, a physical entity of him and his creative abilities! This, and because my body is most healthy when I “worship” it, and I hope that by writing about physicality through a spiritual lens, others are able to become enlightened of the beautiful movements they own as well. Life is just one big beautiful dance, is it not?

To give some context, I have been internally and as a result externally shaped my whole life by social influences in how “to move” in ways that really didn’t fit me and I’ve struggled in this way for as long as I can remember. In the physical direction we often think exclusively of only the body itself and it’s role to our physical well-being. Okay granted, it’s how we move, but in Western secular society we’ve really stripped the Spirit from the body. As such, many of us may have come to the notion that we are only a mind operating the body, and in this thinking we’ve forgotten to feel, because it is within the body our soul resides, lives, and creates feelings. This can be disastrous, especially to children, being fed notions that we are bodies, and sometimes that these bodies are not even our own or can perhaps be used or exploited by others. Disgusting. Have we totally forgotten about the holistic nature of our existence?

Only talking about the body in physical health (or only the mind in mental health) accentuates the egoistical nightmare that comes with body image to a grossly imbalanced extent, and leads to fake images of people being produced and reproduced at staggering rates. People become afraid to be real, afraid to feel, and as such, thrive off their perceived body image and what they think other’s think of themselves. Big mistake. Believe me, I lived it, as I’m sure many of you reading this have. This egoism of the body image is easily recognizable in Western society’s schools or communities whilst supposedly learning about “physical education”  in such things as the gym slang terms (ie. “gains”, etc.), and of course the bazillions of selfies, not that there’s anything inherently wrong with these things, but it’s often perceived as if these things made you better (more “gained”(?)) than your peers. Well, I’ll be honest, I learned hardly any useful education in those “Phys-Ed” classes. I learned I was deemed “skinny”, “weak”, “not manly”, etc. and that my physical health was about how many push-ups I could do or being good at dodgeball. It led to me growing into this same box-framed mindset in my later teenage years, that “getting huge”, “swole”, etc. and being hypermasculin & basically putting all my feelings into countless hours in a gym, were the keys to a good body, level of fitness, and overall physical well-being. How destructive this was to my ideas of not only physical health, but also larger concepts such as gender (ie. masculinity) and other important social concepts, I can’t even begin to get into. I’m not one for compartmentalization of my identity or lifestyle though, and eventually I outgrew this fake garbage I’d be sold throughout most of my life: to buy this or that to make myself look better or feel better. I stopped looking outside for happiness. I stopped searching for love through my body image, began feeling love as who I already was.

It’s imperative that in my life, I explore outside of what becomes my norm, and even my comfort zone, and to always be learning. Due to many years of explorative trial and errors, there is so much more to the physical direction that I now see, including incorporating the spiritual connections to our whole UNLIMITED universe not just our LIMITED body, into our movements.

So yes, I am a spirit. You reading this are a spirit. I practice my spirituality in so many different ways but so far it’s always been rooted to my body where I’ve built and continue to build my persona, until I learn to transcend the ego that I’ve tied to this body. My body is my “holy temple” that I find His love within, and my body has energy centres (aka. “Chakras”) that I am blessed to be discovering. Too spiritual for you? Oh just wait, it gets worse. Personally, the “service” I give, and my place for forgiveness of sin is not usually within some glorious building with stained glass windows (although it most definitely can be, just as it can be truly anywhere), but it. begins within my own body. They say the body never lies. And so I learn to move by what Truths I live by. All movements are done through connection to breath. Even though I said the Physical direction is about movement, it is also at the same time about the lack of movement. That too is a physical state. Meditation can be key to physical health, especially because of it’s focus on the breath. I have so much gratitude and owe many people thank-you’s for teaching me ways and things to help me along my path, and there’s no way I could be where I am today without help–not that I am where I want to be in physical health, but I’m where I’m supposed to be, and am only improving in overall balance and health I feel. I love my body.

My well-used shoes. I walk or run nearly everywhere. Can’t beat the basics.

Moving on, (get it? Haha so punny) I also practice physical well-being by honouring all creation in what I physically eat. My service to my body can be seen extending into many different avenues; such as the grocery stores, restaurants, kitchens, or even the forest floor, bodies of water, etc., wherever I get the nutrients that I put into my body. I once heard a beautiful and spiritual reference to the consumption of food as “eating our ancestors”, because in a way that’s what we do; we eat that which was once us. All that has ever existed is a part of our food, and all that will ever exist is a part of our food, the circle of life being a continuous and all encompassing cycle. Of course my whole body is built from the ground up, every accumulation of mass sourced from our Mother Earth, so I strive to eat in a way that is low impact and sustainable upon her system as well.

Food is an art– don’t try to tell me it’s just fuel.

This leads me to something I believe we all need to do more of, which is to think more deeply about our food every time we eat. How can we remove the toxic notion we’ve been fed into our thoughts that we are simply the body? It is usually flashing through your mind when you are very hungry or are suffering from eating disorders. Well, granted you’re blessed to not be suffering from a eating disorder (and please reach out to someone including me if you are–I’ve been there and can maybe help), you can do this by simply giving “grace” and saying a prayer to Creator before you eat, or, being TRULY grateful for the parcels of molecular energy you receive from the universe in the form of food, and, just like that you have a much deeper connection to your food. This can give us the will power to make good food choices. Food is vital to physical well-being and is necessary for growth, however, our current rates of growth (of population, and of personal mass) and rates of food production/diet choices are totally unsustainable as most of us are all well aware. There are already huge food shortages for so many, but they are projected to only get worse. Growth and evolution could easily be returned to sustainable levels if we all ate in good ways. We must take responsibility. We need to create a global shift of consciousness for our diets and return to that healthy balanced connection to Mother Earth, and it begins with ourselves (the best thing we can do is greatly, greatly reduce our consumption of animal spirits). We need to consider our future generations when we make our actions, so that those inheriting our bountiful world can live and enjoy their physical health too, without having to suffer because of our poor choices and physical demands today.

So, finally–if you’ve actually read this long, wow, that’s crazy, I appreciate your amazing attention!–I decided I don’t want to make this piece any longer for now, my stream of consciousness is running dry, but maybe in the future I’ll add on to similar ideas. I didn’t even touch on sleep and how it, as well as so many other components play into a healthy physical lifestyle. But I feel, if you actually put some thought into what you read then you get my picture that there’s so many variables, factors, ideas and opinions on physical health. In the end, what really matters is you love the body you’re in, your lifestyle isn’t causing anyone else’s suffering, and it is sustainable to our planet. With all those checked, I say you’re on the right path in the journey to totally loving yourself. My two best pieces of advice for more healthy movement; drink copious amounts of water (nature’s healing life force) and breathe deeply (preferably fresh air). Remember it’s the thought that counts, so stay positive! Thanks again for reading, stay active, rest well, and live well my relatives!


Peter Chadwick

Now time for a whole bunch of epic physical fitness guru Bruce Lee quotes:

Practice makes perfect. After a long time of practicing, our work will become natural, skillfull, swift, and steady.

Always be yourself. Have faith in yourself. Express yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

A goal is not always meant to be reached. It often serves simply as something to aim at.
Don’t fear failure. Not failure, but low aim is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.

Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as reality.

Be water my friend.

Meditate and relate.


I’m learning the Nehiyaw language, and as an opening greeting it is common protocol to begin by addressing and acknowledging “all my relations” that you’re presenting to. So I will begin my writing with this same mindset, conscious that my writing is not just me typing on blank space, but rather me actually putting everyone and everything’s presence into consideration as a part of where I am, and why I am, composing this piece. This is going to be a short/brief piece before I begin my day, but I wanted to take the time to just share what I am discovering to be true.

Meditation. What a simple practice, right? For after all it is just about finding silence and peace within yourself. WHY then is this such a hard thing for so many, myself included? Stop. Right there. You’re already off track, and that’s okay, but be aware of it. Stop the questions. Stop the searching for answers. Stop the thoughts. Focus on your breath. Let the silence be. Meditation has been life changing and helped me so much in recent events in a variety of ways, such as just having better control of my mind and my thoughts, further enabling my ability to accept the things I cannot understand, and allowing myself to let the answers come to me rather than always searching them out.

Honestly, I believe that if I can recommend and try to instill one teaching to the younger generations in today’s crazy, fast-paced, and hyper-distracted world, it is to learn to meditate and find both that peace within yourself and that we are all one. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, this should be the central tenet of your philosophy; we are one. Be gentle on each other as you embark on this journey in life; when one hurts another, one hurts themselves. It is vitally important not to focus solely on one’s own self, for when another is suffering, we too are suffering to some extent and others’ need love and healing too. There is a lot of hurt and a lot of healing necessary right now in our world, and it may feel overwhelming to think about sometimes, I know it constantly is. The best place to start however, is within one’s own self. Thank you to all creations for existing, and thank you to all who took the time to read. Peace be upon you, all my relations.



-Peter W. Chadwick. ∞


“The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.” ~ Agnes Repplie

In her eyes I see it, and in my heart I feel it. It is wanderlust and the dream of travelling.

worldly eyes

So I have a question for you! Do you dream of exploring a planet in an extraordinary galaxy? One that is bountiful with life, diversity, and incredible cultures? Well I have good news for you! You’re sitting, lying, or standing, on a rock-formed planet that is floating in the middle of an extraordinary galaxy, that is in endless space, surrounded by endless stars and other galaxies, AND, right this very second adventure is yours to be had, should you choose to explore this beautiful planet you inhabit. Dream on, wild one. Live life to it’s fullest.


– Peter W. C

Mother tree.

The tree that stood for me.

You are my mother tree. When I was first laid in this earthly domain I found home right away in your strong and protective love. Your love has the strength and vital hardness, yet gentle care, that is built after years of reaching and striving for the light of this life. Your love is built strong by standing tall and facing directly all the obstacles life put against you, with the ability to surrender some leaves, yet not your core, to bend, be flexible, and create the layers and branches of support that you bestow upon others. You grew to become the beautiful strong spirit you are today, a mother and grandmother as well, a true matriarch.

You relied deeply on your roots, and felt a strong connection to family, friends, and community, and through sharing your bountiful love and kind gifts, you built and fostered what became a bright flourishing home for me to be raised in. Your love, and your sacrifice for your children amazes me to this day, and will forever be the greatest gift I’ve ever received. You, and the amazing man you chose to be my father, are the sole reasons I look at this world with bright eyes and a strong sense of love at my back, for when I buckle under stress, I see your strength, and your guidance to stand tall myself.

You are the greatest woman I’ve ever known. This piece,, written by a greatly admired fellow blogger of mine, was the piece that really inspired me to create my own blog and write, because one day I knew I wanted to write a little tribute to you.

Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, and I will be here for you whenever you need your sons help. Bless your loving heart.

Your son, and forever your child,

-Peter W. C.

Bringing life to my writing.

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

 soul frequency

The power in “emitting our own frequencies”, which can essentially be simplified to ‘expressing our own creativity’,  can change our destiny in this life. I love this idea, and I feel I am a living beneficiary of this truth. In this journey of life we are constantly presented with choices, as my friend Bertrand elaborately described in his post “Purpose” (check out his blog at:, and we decide what story we want to create for ourselves through our choices. I have most recently been inspired by many amazing bloggers, namely, the hilarious and deeply respected Bertrand Nsanze, Bertrand’s amazingly talented and insightful sister, Christine (, the incredibly gifted and kind Michael Champagne (, and the beautiful, humble, and always inspiring Shanley Spence ( These artists, among others, have motivated me to try writing again and blogging for the first time.

What kind of frequencies am I emitting? What does writing mean to me? What potential exists with the internet, and blogging, to create greater connection? Will each word and idea I share convey a deeper meaning? Will it impart some misleading meaning? Will my writing have the greater affect I wish it to? Will I regret sharing my inner feelings and thoughts?

Questions like these constantly float like waves through my mind, leading me further astray from actually landing my thoughts on something solid. My attempts at writing have been failures in my mind for what seems like ages, lifetimes even. These failures have had repercussions that have set me back, like I’m swimming upstream and I’ll never get to where I want to.  The amount of times I have put down the pen in emotional suppression, cowered in fear by the ego’s oppression, afraid to make an authentic impression, afraid by the strive for perfection. Fear. The amount of times I’ve used substances to dull my real feelings, rather than brighten my soul’s true meaning. My own Self acceptance and confidence has been, and continues to be, an immeasurably significant undertaking of self-discovery and following the light that I see all around me and in others. Those we surround ourselves are our mirrors, and looking back I can see that those I surrounded myself with were also in fear while only few were brave enough to express themselves fully and authentically, and that’s sad to realize that I didn’t really have too many creative role models growing up. But eventually you are graciously thrown into the world with the realization you have to make your imprint yourself! Finally, it is beginning to show what seems like a life-line for my creativity, allowing my writing to be free from my own worst critic, my mind. Rather than drowning in the abyss of endlessly overthinking the process, my solution is to write in silence and let the truth of my inner-voice surface. And so in the depths of my being, the conditions have been built and fostered where I now breathe life to a new process.

It is my intention to bring life to my writing with such vigor and vitality that ensures these dreams don’t face the same fate as so many before, and ultimately become reality. I will let my ideas flow with the same fluidity of my blood from my mind to my finger tips, organically and passionately bringing nourishment to my writing’s purpose. The seeds that I plant are individually insignificant and small letters, but they come together to form and grow more connected, and as my own mind expands, so to will my creation. The structure and the body will be formed by sentences and paragraphs, and, like the kidney is the human body’s filter of the blood, spell-check is the equivalent for my words. Through the raw, admittedly imperfect, yet real process, I hope to form beauty in this expression of my consciousness, and art for yours. I aim to craft something that has layers, reflects the beauty that is all around us, and to put love into every aspect of this creation.

My writing may not be your typical style. The different pieces will be of various natures, the ideas at times more abstract, formalities perhaps missing, and proper flow largely overlooked. It may not be for everyone’s taste, which I am completely okay with, for it is my own tongue that I speak and taste with and which I foremost aim to please. That being said, I do care about quality and I am open to criticism and appreciate feedback of all types, so that I can try to generate something other’s can enjoy as well. It is messy at times, a reflection of the messy nature of life (mine in particular), and incredibly personal, so much so, I might well be the only audience who understands the vast majority of it, but only in this way do I find true peace of mind. Lastly, it is about the story itself and not some perceived meaning, again, like life. Find your own meaning.

The start to new stories,

-P. W. C. ∞

Bringing life to my writing.

Dear Relative

North End MC

​Dear relative
I wanted to send you this note to tell you how thankful I am to have had you in my life. Thank you for giving me permission be proud of who I was, for reminding me to love my family and to be thankful for the places that I come from. Thank you for sharing the teachings with me that have helped me to strive for balance and integrity in my work and in my relationships with others.

Thank you for forgiving me when I make mistakes and for continuing to remind me of things more than a couple times. But mostly I want to say thank you for being in my life; I am a better person because you were in it.

To those who stayed, kinanaskomitin for not leaving us behind – you better believe we know what that emptiness is like. Your continued presence is…

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